Flavors in store are subject to availability. Please contact your local store to find out what is being served.



Acai German Chocolate Cake Peppermint
Apricot Ginger Bread Pina Colada
Banana Cream Pie Grape Pineapple
Birthday Cake Green Apple Pistachio
Blueberry Green Tea Polynesian Punch
Bubblegum Honeydew Pomgranate
Butterscotch Key Lime Pie Pralines & Cream
Cake Batter Kiwi Raspberry
Cappucino Lemon Red Velvet Cake
Caramel Custard Mango Strawberry
Cherry Maragrita Tangerine
Chocolate Almond Toffee Marshmallow Taro
Cinnamon Bun Mexican Pepper (Jalapeno) Tiramisu
Coconut (Natural) NY Cheesecake Tropical Banana
Cookie Dough Oatmeal Cookies Watermelon
Cotton Candy Orange White Chocolate Mousse
Cucumber Passion Fruit Wild Berry
Egg Nog Peanut Butter
Espresso Pear
Georgia Peach Pecan Pie

Sweet, healthy and refreshing? That's what is't like to get your frozen yogurt at Josie's; stop on by to get your Delicious Frozen Yogurt!

Josie's Yogurt Josie's Yogurt

If a Frozen Yogurt sounds good, then you might want to run off to Josie's and indulge your taste-buds.

Josie's Yogurt Josie's Yogurt

Did you say have a Mango Cheesecake? Why not? At Josie's, the yogurt is bursting with flavor.

Josie's Yogurt Josie's Yogurt