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Dive into Goodness!

Josie’s Yogurt franchises love to have fun and be involved in the community! With so many great and loyal customers we enjoy giving back. Josie’s Yogurt now has locations in 7 states and everyone is participating cialis in the fun!

When the Josie’s Sierra Vista, Arizona location opened on July 9th we gave away 4 free ounces of Josie’s delicious yogurt to customers from 11AM-5PM! This went over great, and we made a lot of new friends. Go Arizona! http://on.fb.me/JosiesArizona

Josie’s Yogurt Franchises recently had an intriguing competition! Whoever could take the best picture of  a cup full of Josie’s Yogurt would win an iPad! Thanks again to everyone who participated! http://on.fb.me/JosiesPhoto

There were many good times to be had with Josie’s Yogurt, the weekend  of August 12th. In Fairfax, Virginia the Truckeroo Festival was in town. Josie’s participated with free frozen yogurt from 11AM-5PM, Face painting and a DJ! We also had a scavenger hunt at 2PM, and the winner received free Josie’s Yogurt for a year! Imagine that! http://bitly.com/JosiesFun

Come on in to any of our locations and experience the same sense of pleasant community! We can’t wait to see you.

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Yahoo News: “Attention: One of the Nation’s Fastest Growing Yogurt Chains Has Opened a Location in Westerville, Ohio!

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One of the nation’s fastest growing yogurt chains is coming to a location near you!

Westerville, OH (PRWEB) July 21, Generic cialis price 2011

Josie’s Frozen Yogurt is announcing that there is a new health conscious yogurt store that has opened at 121 Westerville Plaza, Westerville, OH 43081, 614.392.4004. This beautiful new store will service the Westerville area and quench the thirst of local dessert connoisseurs.

The Las Vegas-based chain is reinventing the self-serve frozen yogurt concept with great tasting frozen yogurt that uses wholesome ingredients with unique nutritional composition to create healthful desserts that are lower in calories, sodium and carbohydrates than comparable frozen yogurt products.

A bright, colorful interior welcomes guests as they arrive in the family-friendly environment in each and every Josie’s franchise. There are currently 7 Josie’s open in the United States, with 142 planned to open over the next five years. The Las Vegas based franchise is taking a novel approach to the yogurt game by offering a far superior and healthful product where the competitors are just filling their cups with sugar loaded products.

Josie’s offers families a smart alternative to ice cream and other frozen-yogurt outlets because Josie’s great tasting flavors have specific qualities that promote healthier lifestyles. Josie’s self-serve frozen yogurt is made with only pure crystalline fructose, which differs from high-fructose corn syrup because it is sweeter and therefore less is needed to achieve the same great taste. Consequently, a four-ounce serving of Josie’s Frozen Yogurt is a third lower in calories and lower in sodium and carbohydrates in comparison to its competitors.

In addition, Josie’s dark chocolate includes the compound L-Caratine that helps burn fat and helps reduce oxidative stress. Josie’s plain tart flavor is high in antioxidants thanks to Indian Gooseberry and other flavors contain Vitamin B12 and other nutraceuticals formulated to boost energy. With Stevia flavors also available for diabetic and hypoglycemic fans, Josie’s offers a multitude of options for a healthier dessert.

Josie’s offers an abundance of flavors, from traditional favorites such as vanilla bean and chocolate, to unique items such as peanut butter, blueberry cheesecake and cappuccino. Children and adults alike can personalize each cup of frozen yogurt by topping it off with healthy choices of fresh fruit and nuts, sprinkles, brownie bites, chocolate chips and more. At an affordable price -per-ounce, Josie’s offers a healthful dessert alternative.

This industry leading franchise has stores planned in Texas, Florida, Arizona, Connecticut, Ohio, Indiana, Oklahoma, Missouri and Hawaii in the near future. Additional locations will be announced in the coming weeks. To learn more about Josie’s Frozen Yogurt visit



Sweet, healthy and refreshing? That's what is't like to get your frozen yogurt at Josie's; stop on by to get your Delicious Frozen Yogurt!

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