Probiotics: A Billion Good Bugs Friendly Bacteria for Your Digestive System

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Probiotics: A Billion Good Bugs Friendly Bacteria for Your Digestive System — By Becky Hand, Licensed & cialis Registered Dietitian

Did you know that your digestive tract contains more than 400 types of “friendly” bacteria? These little guys, commonly referred to as probiotics (which means “pro-life”), help reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and promote a healthy digestive system. That’s right! Probiotics are live bacteria with clinically-documented health benefits.

Health Benefits
It appears that when the digestive system is kept healthy, other body systems greatly benefit as well. Probiotics may:

Crave: Sweet or Tart? Columbus-area frozen yogurt shops

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When it comes to soft-serve frozen yogurt, you have two choices: sweet or tart.         Sure, there’s an ever growing number of frozen yogurt shops in the Columbus area-and some of them offer a dozen flavors or more, not to mention scores of toppings and sauces. But you can’t embark on those choices until you pick sweet or tart. Me? I’m a tart girl. Original tart with fresh red raspberries, to be exact. I decided this after eating at every yogurt place around town I could find (though I’m sure more have opened since then). For tart, I go to Yagoot at Easton. There’s not much seating in this mod little lime-and-silver-hued shop, but the patio out front offers plenty of places to sit during warm weather. Yagoot is sleek, but it’s not a franchise. It’s owned by the Busken family of Cincinnati’s Busken Bakery-making it Ohio-local, if not Columbus-local. Yagoot offers just four flavors a day. Original buy cialis tabs and strawberry are always on the menu, while the other flavors rotate. But all are tart. And by tart, I mean the pleasant sourness of good-quality yogurt with just enough sweetness to make it dreamy. The staff swirls the yogurt for customers (three sizes are available starting at $2.50) then adds toppings, from raspberries to Fruity Pebbles. The secret to Yagoot’s yogurt? “Most frozen yogurt is nonfat,” said Brian Busken, co-founder of Yagoot. “Ours is 99 percent fat free. We feel like that 1 percent gives us that nice creaminess.” In the sweet realm, there’s Cuzzins in the Shops on Lane Avenue in Upper Arlington. Customers sit on bubblegum-pink chairs at white tables inside, or out on the open-air patio. Cuzzins is a locally owned shop founded by Jeanie Patrick and John Falor, who are cousins (hence the name). The Upper Arlington store has been open a year and has been so successful the cousins are embarking on two new locations: Hilliard and Polaris. What you’ll get at Cuzzins is an array of self-serve yogurt in a variety of mostly sweet flavors, from peanut butter to cookies-and-cream. And like other shops, Cuzzins lets customers dress up their yogurt with any number of toppings (fresh fruit, gummy candies, M&Ms) in a weigh-and-pay system, at $7.04 a pound.   Cuzzins 1629 W. Lane Ave., Upper Arlington 614-488-8248   Yagoot 3998 Gramercy St., Easton 614-532-6565   Icy treats Yagoot and Cuzzins are just the start when it comes to frozen yogurt in town. Here’s a look at the rest of our fro-yo scene.   Groovy Spoon 3665 N. High St., Clintonville   Price: 44 cents an ounce What you get: In addition to delicious sweet flavors such as chocolate-mint and traditional tart flavors like peach-mango, customers can opt for made-to-order crepes and waffles topped with fruit, sauce and whipped cream (though I put spoonfuls of the tart yogurt on instead).   Josie’s Frozen Yogurt 121 Westerville Plaza, Westerville 8657 Sancus Blvd., Polaris Price: 36 cents an ounce What you get: In addition to traditional sweet flavors (chocolate, vanilla), Josie’s also offers a handful of no-sugar-added Stevia-sweetened varieties including espresso. For tart, the honeydew is particularly refreshing. Bonus: Josie’s offers three sizes of cups, making portion control more manageable.   Orange Leaf 1374 Grandview Ave., Grandview 3130 Kingsdale Ave., Upper Arlington 10503 Blacklick-Eastern Rd., Pickerington 750 N. State St., Westerville Price: 44 cents an ounce What you get: These stores are very attractive, with lime green and orange-tiled walls. Choose from traditional flavors (tart or strawberry) to more decadent offerings, including a confetti cake that tastes just like Funfetti cake mix.   Menchie’s 7545 Sawmill Rd., Dublin Price: 44 cents an ounce What you get: Self-service yogurt in mostly sweet flavors, including milk chocolate, root beer and lavender. The fluorescent green shop has lots of indoor seating and a handful of outdoor seats.   Red Mango 1866 N. High St., Campus Price: $2.95 to $4.95 (75 cents for 1 topping or $1.25 for 2 toppings or more) What you get: Red Mango’s our only full-service tart yogurt place besides Yagoot. It offers four flavors including original and pomegranate in three sizes, plus parfaits ($4.50) and smoothies ($4.95 to $5.45).   Spoon Me 4691 Morse Rd., Gahanna Price: $7.20 a pound What you get: This place has a cute slogan: If you love me, Spoon Me. It’s also the only place I visited selling underwear imprinted with its store name. As for yogurt, they specialize in both tart (grapefruit, blueberry, lime) and sweet (Butterfinger, Root Beer Float), with lots of toppings.

Eating RD: on the mend + menu plan monday

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Hey all!  Boy it seems like I’ve been feeling crummy for way too long and it has been so uncharacteristic of me.  Usually I’m over colds fairly quick and somewhat back to normal, but this bronchitis really threw me under the bus and then ran me over a few more times for good measure.  I was over the actual infection for awhile, but learned my immune system was going into over drive and not letting me stop coughing or breath for that matter.  I have never had asthma my whole life, but find myself wheezing with a tight chest, which causes me to cough.  I can’t tell you the sheer joy I felt yesterday morning when, after 12 days, I had only woken up once during the night to cough and without help from codeine!  Never underestimate being able to take a deep breath of fresh air.  I’m still having a difficult time breathing easy, but hopefully it is on the mend.


Yesterday, I had a great time with a few of my bridesmaids trying on dresses and I actually put some moola down on my dress!  yay! kinda crazy.  I’m looking forward to getting my size and not having to clip and push and hold up :)  Still debating on the bridesmaid dresses to see what will go best, but I’m thinking of a latte/taupe color to go with my ivory dress.

We had a great time trying on different dresses and then afterwards we headed over to a place called Settebello which has some amazing pizza.  Their dough is just chewy, doughy, crunchy perfection

Then we headed over to Josie’s for some good ol’ frozen yogurt.  I seem to always have an appetite for that

We all scream for frozen yogurt

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Megan’s scrumptious experience at a new Heath restaurant, Josie’s Self-Serve Yogurt
Megan Messer | Issue date: 9/28/10 Section: Megan’s Musings on Food

Ah, what a splendid and rare occasion, to enjoy a delicious dessert and feel healthy at the same time. I can conclusively say that Josie’s, a new frozen yogurt place that opened this summer in Heath, certainly fulfills its motto, “What Goodness Tastes Like.”

Upon entering the brightly colored shop, one is happily overwhelmed with the variety of delectable yogurt options, from the classic vanilla and milk chocolate, to the decadent butter pecan and New York cheesecake. After squeezing every last dollop out of my sample cups, including tart raspberry, apricot-mango and espresso, I made the difficult decision to stick with a combination of dark chocolate and peanut butter. It was love.

Sweet, healthy and refreshing? That's what is't like to get your frozen yogurt at Josie's; stop on by to get your Delicious Frozen Yogurt!

Josie's Yogurt Josie's Yogurt

If a Frozen Yogurt sounds good, then you might want to run off to Josie's and indulge your taste-buds.

Josie's Yogurt Josie's Yogurt

Did you say have a Mango Cheesecake? Why not? At Josie's, the yogurt is bursting with flavor.

Josie's Yogurt Josie's Yogurt